INFOGRAPHIC – Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Tips and Embedded Call-to-Action Videos

November 29, 2012

 Top 5 Tips for B2B Lead Generation

For the more visually-inclined, today’s treat is a double-header visual delight – an exciting interactive video demo and a  cool INFOGRAPHIC (Source:; Data Sources cited bottom) – both invaluable weapons of choice for  the “Top 5 Tips for B2B Lead Generation”. For those in a hurry, we provide a quick run down on the top 5 highlights of  Unbounce’s “B2B Lead Generation Manifesto” with a bonus expert tipfor lead conversion – interactive video!

Expert Tip: Interactive Video via Embedded Calls-to-Action

I trust we’re all clearly aware of the the magnetic pull of video for B2B lead generation. So why not strike while the iron’s hot! Don’t leave it up to chance that the viewers will see poorly placed call-to-action links on your web page – serve them up a bold, beautiful call-to-action button right in the video frame! Oh, and we’re not talking about having your hand forced to ancient Flash players that  won’t play on market-leading mobile screens. Watch the demo above of a flexible, customizable and  mobile-happy HTML5 video solution (from Wistia) that keeps viewers engaged and focused on your call-to-action right where their eyeballs are already pointing – boom! (Go ahead and try the sample – when the video’s done click that buttonand see what could be your very own uber-landing page to get those leads. Our customers love that their videos play on virtually whatever type or size of screen their target audience is engaged with while they’re researching.

#1. Create [Fresh, Ongoing] Content

Create “remarkable”, valuable content – especially premium content – on an ongoing, consistent basis. Premium content will be the differentiator that gets you leads and customer conversions. In order to create effective, remarkable content, you need to consider the experience of the user across their different lifecycle stages: from the first time they encounter your brand, through their interaction with your website and content, to the point of converting into a customer, and their long-term success as one. By making this movement across different lifecycle stages consistent and fluid, you remove hurdles and encourage your audience to become evangelists for your brand. This can take many forms/formats:

  • eBooks and whitepapers
  • Blogging
  • Videos
  • Infographics, Visual cheat sheets and more
  • Webinars

#2. Optimize Your B2B Lead Generation  [Landing] Pages

If you could do one thing right now to drastically improve your marketing and increase your return on investment, it would be to use landing pages on your website. Too many companies send their email, social media, and search traffic to their homepages. This is the equivalent of throwing leads away. You could capture these leads at a much higher rate simply by sending them to targeted landing pages.

#3. Market After the Conversion

#4 – Embrace the Mobile Market

  • With 64% of decision-makers reading email on their mobile devices…OK, you get the point
  • Make your CTA buttons big enough for fat fingers
  • Don’t send ANYONE to a homepage: All that nudging and stretching on a smartphone is annoying and makes people hit the back button
  • Keep your forms short: Tolerance for typing on mobile devices is low

#5.  Nurture Your Leads

Don’t leave your leads hanging! Create nurturing campaigns that will resonate with each of your target segments and make sure that your lists of leads are continuously updating to include new leads who need to be nurtured.

Source: via Kevin on Pinterest


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